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Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Thinking of buying fake likes and followers? Go the honest way instead.

Popularity is more than just a numbers game. In fact, your ability to engage with your community is far more valuable to a prospective customer than your follower count. We can show you exactly how to engage with your Instagram community and grow your digital presence without any shady business.

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When it comes to social media, your content should be the star. We’ll determine what kind of visual and editorial content best fits your brand and help you create it.

There’s a new way to do social media—it’s called being social! At Honest Social, we prioritize engaging with our audiences through likes, comments, and even private messages.

By relying on great content and authentic engagement, we can turn your brand into one that people trust instantly. 

Tired of trying to take perfect photo or craft the cleverest caption all the time? We’ve been there. In today’s world, social media fatigue is a very serious issue—and we want to help solve it.

Our experts can coach you on improving your social media habits and give you space to process all of your social media anxieties.

We Believe

Your Instagram account is more than just a digital representation of your business—it’s the most direct way to connect with your customers. It’s the best way to show your customers who you are and what you believe in.

At Honest Social, we believe in thoughtful conversations, not copy-pasted replies. We also believe in treating customers as friends and playing a genuine part in their everyday lives.

But most of all, we believe in being social.

What do you believe in?

Samiha Ahmed

Content Direction +
Brand Development

Samiha has over four years of experience marketing brands, nonprofit organizations, and apps internationally. She specializes in the creation of original editorial & visual content, brand voice development, and digital marketing strategy.

In her spare time, Samiha can be found traveling the world and researching the latest social media trends.

Hasin I. Ahmed

Social Listening +
Data Analytics

Hasin is a seasoned marketing and data professional with expertise in design, data analysis, and customer engagement. He has worked with clients from around the world, from small one-person businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

In his spare time, Hasin can be seen taking candid street photography and sparking meaningful conversations on Instagram.

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